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Nothing can light up the luster of a woman’s skin like a pair of diamond earrings.  That fiery glint can draw attention to all her best features.  When purchasing diamond earrings consider the following: does the style fit her personality, is the purchase celebrating an important milestone, and when and where will the earrings be worn?

Types of Diamond Earrings

A flirty pair of diamond hoop earrings might be the most versatile choice.  Diamond hoop earrings are an option that can be worn daily, but are still special enough to make her feel beautiful.  Diamond studs are a classic choice and can be a great way to mark an important milestone. Quality becomes more of an issue with a diamond stud because it must stand alone.  Diamond drop earrings may be the best choice for a special event where a dramatic statement is desired.

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When selecting diamond earrings of any kind you can be a little more forgiving with the quality and similarity of the stones.  Diamond earrings are not quite as visible as a diamond solitaire ring, for example, and are not worn side by side so matching diamonds is not as difficult.  With that in mind, you must compare beauty to price.  Most experts believe that G-H rated diamonds appear colorless when mounted as earrings and S12 diamonds are clear enough to be considered “eye-clean”.  The old adage, bigger is better, is true of most things and diamonds are no exception.  Lots of women would prefer to wear a larger diamond of lesser quality and clarity than a smaller diamond of higher quality.

Contemplating the recipient of the gift is perhaps the most important consideration.  Determining the level of quality needed is the next step.    Active women would probably be more comfortable in a diamond stud.  They fit more securely and can be worn to most any venue.  Someone who frequents formal events would benefit from a drop earring and hoops are a great in between choice and could work in either a casual or formal scenario depending upon size and style.  Color and type of precious metals is also a characteristic that comes into play.  Fair skin tones tend to look better next to platinum or white gold while darker skin tones are flattered by gold or rose gold.

diamond earringsA good trick to use when selecting any diamond is to look into the center of the stone.  If you do not see any dark facets in the middle of the stone or if it appears opaque it is probably a poor cut and should be avoided. If the diamond is correctly cut it will reflect a large amount of light.

Dispersion describes the glints of color, or the fire, when viewed in direct light.  Scintillation refers to the reflections of light from the surface of the diamond as it moves.  Pair these two aspects with brilliance (or the amount of white light internally and externally that returns to the eye) and you’ve got a diamond worth purchasing.

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